About Newport Academy

A rehabilitation center designed for adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 20, Newport Academy helps teens overcome self-destructive behavior and regain their self-esteem. The treatment center works with adolescents who struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, and eating disorders. Teenagers receive compassionate care within a holistic treatment model, ultimately developing the tools necessary to change their behaviors and reunite with their families.


Newport Academy believes strongly that struggling teens are not “broken,” but rather seeking a sense of belonging and connection in a difficult environment. Lack of self-esteem represents the root cause of many problem behaviors during adolescence. Staff members provide the love and support necessary for teenagers to undergo internal healing and learn to love themselves. All programs stress the importance of family therapy as a primary treatment focus, requiring families to attend regular sessions that address dysfunctional aspects of the family dynamic.


Newport Academy offers four primary treatment options: residential, day treatment, outpatient, and day schools. The residential programs provide comprehensive care for teens in need of focused therapy and rehabilitation. Programs range from 45 to 120 days and take place in gender-specific residential environments. Every week, residents participate in 30 hours of experiential and clinical therapy, as well as 20 hours of academic study and tutoring. Starting on day one, each resident is assigned an eight-person treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, individual and family therapists, medical professionals, and a recovery counselor. All members of the treatment team work closely together to deliver a custom treatment regimen based on the unique needs of the individual.


Like the residential program, the day treatment and outpatient programs at Newport Academy begin with the assignment of a treatment team for each individual. Instead of living on-site, teens in the day treatment and outpatient programs attend after-school therapy sessions and subject-specific workshops, advancing through a multi-phase treatment program. Family therapy plays an integral role in the outpatient program, as well. Teens and their families must attend regular sessions with a dedicated family therapist, while parents have the opportunity to attend parent support groups. Workshops for teens cover topics and activities such as meditation, yoga, music therapy, social skills, and relapse prevention.


Through its day schools, Newport Academy enables students to continue their personal growth and recovery while pursuing their academic studies. The program features a staff-to-student ratio of 1:5, allowing for a high degree of personalized attention and tutoring. Students participate in daily recovery counseling and process groups, which improve self-advocacy and increase resilience. The day school program also provides SAT and ACT tutoring, as well as a customized academic curriculum based on the individual needs of each student.


Through all its treatment programs, Newport Academy focuses on helping struggling teens heal within the structure of the family unit. When the family learns to resolve conflict in a safe, harmonious way, all members of the family can participate in the healing process.


Newport Academy treatment programs are offered at eight different facilities across the country. To learn more about the programs available at each location, visit newportacademy.com.